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Autumn Morning

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Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

This work, like most, began with me humming a simple melody in my car on an early Autumn
Morning. My crude singing would eventually become the theme beginning in measure 8 and the crux of the
entire piece. As I began moving it to the vibraphone, I quickly fell in love with this groove and I loved how
much freedom I had on the upper half of the keyboard. It quickly became my favorite to improvise over and
play around with. The tune, in this format, is intended to serve players at all different levels. Most intermediate
percussionists can play and enjoy the main theme, yet advanced performers can truly make the piece their own
through the solo section. No matter where you are at, I hope you can have a little fun with Autumn Morning.
-Christian Kilgore

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