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Nimbus (2023) 

For Percussion Orchestra (14+)


Himalayan Landscapes (2023) 

For Percussion Orchestra (14+)

Percussion Concerto No. 1 (2022)

For Solo Percussionist and Orchestra

Idols of an Ancient God (2022)

For Percussion Orchestra (14+)

Large Ensemble

Small Ensemble

*NEW* In A Mirror Dimly (2024) 

For Featured Marimba and Percussion Quartet

Urbia (2023) 

For Percussion Quartet

Quantization (2022)

For Bari Sax and Drum Set

Piece of Mine (2021)

For Violin and Percussion

Lost in the Jungle (2021)

For Featured Marimba and Percussion Quartet

Making a Path Where There Was None (2021)

For Marimba Duet

The Space Inbetween (2020)

For Vibraphone Duet


*NEW* Found Again (2024)

For Solo Prepared Marimba


Moon River (2023)

For Solo Marimba

Autumn Morning (2023)

For Solo Vibraphone

Snare Drum Simulation (2023)

For Snare Drum and Backing Track

Clarity (2022)

For Solo Marimba

The Grandfather Clock (2022)

For Solo Timpani with Metronome

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