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Found Again

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~5.0 Octave Marimba

-2.0 Octave Crotales




Available only to consortium members until January, 2025!

A Message from the Composer

Found Again is a prepared marimba solo written for the members of our 2024 Consortium. When approaching this work, I wanted to write specifically for the individuals involved in the consortium. I took into consideration, their access to equipment, ability, and themes that resonated with them personally. We landed on the theme of two voices meeting each other and falling in love. The marimba represents the masculine voice and the crotales represent the feminine. Over the course of the work, the voices change in how they interact with each other and they go through all the crazy emotions that happen when falling in love. You hear the voices on their own, when they first meet, getting to know each other, having adversity, and confessing their love for each other. This work intends to push boundaries in traditional marimba solo repertoire and to increase the amount of works for a non-standard marimba set ups. My hope is for the performer and audience to all, one day, be Found Again.

- Christian Kilgore

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