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Idols of an Ancient God

Idols of an Ancient God Score - Christian Kilgore (Percussion Orchestra)


~Four Marimbas, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Two Vibraphones, Timpani
~Four Multi-Percussion (Instruments including: Gamelan, Thunder Sheet, Sordo, 7 Toms, 2 
Ride Cymbals, Hi-Hat, Conch Shell, Wood Chimes, Snare Drum, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Djembe, 2 Anvils, Mounted Bass Drum, 2 Tam-Tams, Ocean Drum, Bell Tree, Triangle, Bongos, 2 Crash Cymbals, Temple Blocks, Bass Drum, and Log Drums)



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

Idols of an Ancient God was a long-term project that was completed and performed in Spring of 2022. The work explores the soundscape and timbres that comes with a very large percussion ensemble. Through this project, I tried capturing a darker side of this instrumentation through eerie dissonance and heavy orchestration. The work is programmatic and tells the story of an adventurer who stumbles across something almost unholy. Hopefully, as the piece moves along, you can notice a series of things start to feel more and more out of control. There is no certainty if you choose to grip Idols of an Ancient God.

-Christian Kilgore

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