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In A Mirror Dimly

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~5.0 Octave Marimba
~2.0 Octave Crotales



-Percussion (Bass Drum, Wind Chimes, Suspended Cymbal,Ride Cymbal, and Two Triangles)



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

This work is an introspective solo with an accompanying quartet that aims to accentuate the marimba. When I got the call to

write a percussion ensemble working featuring a marimbaist, I knew that I wanted this to stick out from any other percussion concerto. The marimba, in this work, is written to flow naturally while the colors of the other instruments bring out new ideas and timbres. The marimba remains the crux of the work and has lengthy cadenzas, yet, the ensemble works together to create one combined new sound. The title is a reference to how we humans often have a divide in our perception of the world and the reality of what is around us. We often get so caught up in small details, we fail to see the bigger picture. One day all will be revealed, for now we see In A Mirror Dimly.

-Christian Kilgore

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