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Making a Path Where There Was None

Making a Path Where There Was None Score - Christian Kilgore (Marimba Duet)


~Two Marimbas (Both 5.0 Octave)

~Two octaves of Crotales



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

This work was written in my childhood bedroom during the Summer of 2021. It was a time when was not focused on school or work, but just being around people that I love. I slept a foot away from my marimba and felt free enough to compose anything I could dream of. And so, I decided to share a love story very close to me. Hannah Cooper is the woman of my dreams and the only person to stick with me through every mountain and valley in life. She constantly has supported my career and always encourages me. She believes in me more than I often do. This story shares the excitement, hope, and wonder that she gives me with every interaction I get. Her personality and beauty shines through everything else in this world. Sharing these words really can’t capture all that she means to me and I took on the challenge of putting it into music. She has given and continues to give me feelings that I never thought I could feel. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. And so, as our relationship continues to grow, I walk forward into the unknown in confidence because I know she is by my side. I can take on any challenge in life as long as I have her. Together, we walk forward Making A Path Where There Was None.

-Christian Kilgore

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