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MY FAVORITE THINGS is the title of my Junior Recital named after off the famous John Coltrane album. This recital was my first solo concert and I knew I wanted to feature music that I had always wanted to play by composers I personally loved. All of these works were not only fun to learn and perform but also music I enjoyed listening to. This was a huge undertaking and some of the hardest repertoire I had played at the time. It challenged me personally on just about every percussion instrument and pushed me way outside of my comfort zone. I hope you can enjoy this music as I did!


The Fragile Corridor - Michael Burritt (0:00) 

SyNc - Gene Koshinski (10:25)

Sweet Dreams and Time Machines - Michael Burritt (18:50)

VIII. The March - Elliot Carter (30:02)

José / beFore John 5 - Aurel Hollo (34:40)

Dedication - Brian Mueller (43:28)

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