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~Four Marimbas, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Two Vibraphones, Timpani
~Four Multi-Percussion (Instruments including: Snare Drum, 2 Ride Cymbals, 2 Triangles,

Bell Tree, Log Drum, Caxixi, 4 Toms, Hi-Hat, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Finger Cymbals, Djembe, Cabasa, Splash Cymbal, Wind Chimes, Tam-Tam, Bass Drum, Sleigh Bells, and Rain Stick)



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

Nimbus was a simple improvisation on glockenspiel that grew into something much bigger. The work embarks on a journey through the skies and captures many different feelings associated with clouds. There are the awe-inspiring sights to see, the bounciness and lightness of floating in the sky, and a storm that threatens to destroy. The majority of this work is rooted in a warm C major chord that captures the beauty and simplicity of a cloud. But the work has no problem straying away in unique ways to make returning to C major so rewarding. The goal, through this work, was to explore a new sound within the percussion orchestra. One that could be driving and intense, yet, still capture light and playful moments. A range of emotions and styles await within Nimbus. The only question is: “Are you ready for the journey?”

-Christian Kilgore

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