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Quantization Score - Christian Kilgore (Bari Sax and Drum set Duet)


~Baritone Saxophone

~Drum set



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

After watching a few too many internet saxophonists, I became very interested in the different sounds a saxophone could produce and how these sounds interact with percussion. The baritone saxophone was a particularly interesting instrument because it could act as both a melodic and bass instrument. I quickly became obsessed with these sounds and decided to write for this instrument, adding a drum set for rhythmic support (and often an antithesis to the saxophone). What started as a joke quickly became a work that simultaneously displays extreme musicianship on two completely different instruments and questions what music is acceptable for the concert stage. The work overall is groove oriented, but is always changing and uses non-traditional techniques on the saxophone. Both instruments have extended periods to display their musicality and support each other throughout the work. This relatively new sub-genre is still largely unexplored and so Quantization stands to test the limits of these two instruments.

-Christian Kilgore

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