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The Space Inbetween

The Space Inbetween Score - Christian Kilgore (Vibraphone Duet)


~Two Vibraphones (preferably opposing each other)



Price - Digital Download (Contact directly for physical scores)


A Message from the Composer

The older I get and the more I grow as a person, the more I tend to self-reflect. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this idea of the person I would one day become. Constantly looking forward to milestones, hoping they would bring me fulfillment. I always hoped that somethings about my state would improve. Whether it was physical traits, charisma, attitude, mental state, or playing ability, I always would strive for more. And as I push for those things, some do come to light. But no matter how hard we push, there will always be some things about ourselves we cannot break from. This has been a struggle for me. Having these feelings of wanting to move forward, while being held back by nobody but yourself. This was always strange to me because when you go through a period of change, you are definitely no longer the person you once were, but you’re also not the person you had always dreamed of. You’re something new and different and you’re in uncharted territory. As you continue to guide through life and become the person you’re meant to be, try to find peace in The Space Inbetween.

-Christian Kilgore

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