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JUST THE BEGINNING  is a project that took a total of three years to complete and is something I look back on very fondly. As a double major in Percussion Performance and Music Composition, my degrees required both a Senior Recital and a Senior Capstone Project. I decided to combine the two and take on one of my greatest challenges to date. This concert features EIGHT original works for percussion all performed and written by me. I also was given the chance to lecture-present my work and talk about my inspirations & compositional process. This has become one of my favorite performances and a concert that jump started my compositional career. All works performed are available for purchase on my website!


The Grandfather Clock (5:45)

Lost in the Jungle (15:14)

The Space Inbetween (27:41)

Quantization (35:42)

Making A Path Where There Was None (49:16)

Snare Drum Simulation (59:45)

Piece of Mine (1:14:14)

Clarity (1:30:39)

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